Creation is an ongoing process. Aakkaar was created many years ago,
with a rudimentary kick wheel at a rented place. Almost 10 years down
the line it occupies its own area of over 2000 sq ft., is equipped with
almost all equipments, machines, tools, materials, etc. But…..Creation is
an Ongoing Process
Present day Pottery has undergone a vast change from its rural and ancient techniques and processes, yet retaining its essence of clay handling. Expensive electric pottery wheels have replaced the traditional potters wheel, clays are chemically treated and balanced for uniform plasticity and enduring consistency during firing, firing process is precise with scientifically designed furnaces with temperature control and lastly and most importantly Glazing….which is akin to chemical engineering, which has grown (and is growing) by leaps and bounds, and which has lend an air of opulence to this art, is the key element which differentiates the men from the boys.

Shape and forms too have undergone a maturity with the passage of time and due to the changes in the social and behavioral views of the society, a dramatic change can be seen in the art forms, be it contemporary, modern, functional or traditional.

We at aakkaar, have been focused essentially on forms and glaze. It is through these two fundamental inheritant qualities, that year after year that our creations have made it to almost every major art event of the country. Our creations have been acquired by the elite connoisseurs of art from North India. Numerous awards, mentions, participations and shows are

We essentially try and work on high temperature glazes, as we believe that fewer artists are working on these glazes. These glazes are not only expensive, difficult to produce (through experiments) and require more precise firing to achieve the desired results. Moreover these are not as readily commercially available as low temperature glazes. However, low temperature glazes offer a better and vibrant range of colors.