We have during these years often been asked about the processes, materials, tools and equipment that are required for a setting up a pottery studio. We have been advising and guiding institutions, schools, young artists, amateurs and enthusiasts on various topics pertaining to setting up a pottery studio. While our efforts towards helping and encouraging people to start their own studio is limited to people who are known to us, we are here offering complete consultancy on this art form.

For a fee proportional to our involvement, we offer to advice, supply and commissioning the a-z of a pottery studio. Broadly speaking we can provide cost and operational consultancy on –
1. Furnace – (Gas, Electric or Wood),

2. Wheels – (Potters and Painters),

3. Clays – (China, Red and Porcelain),

4. Pottery tools,

5. Pug Mill,
Glazes and other miscellaneous requirements.
ur requirements

As a logical extension, we provide design consultancy on interiors. Our team is of headed by a very experienced fine arts graduate, alongwith professionals comprising from the field of civil, wood, drapery, electrical, civil and furnishing.

Having participated and done my own shows, we organize solo or group shows for upcoming artists. We are on the jury of an international art promotion organization, through which we select and promote works of all art forms.